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Dental Exam and Hygiene Program

Here at Brisbane Dental Studio, we understand how important it is to find a dentist you can trust, which is why all of our staff are fully trained and qualified to provide you with a high standard of care.

Our hygienists are certified in Dental Therapy, and aim to provide personalised advice and treatment to enable patients to take charge of their oral health.

Regular check ups

While maintaining a good hygiene routine at home is important, the key to supporting oral health is in routine check-ups. Left unchecked, the bacteria that collects on your teeth can harden over time, becoming difficult to remove and potentially leading to complications such as decay.

Guided by your dentist, your hygienist will perform a thorough, professional cleaning. This helps to rid your mouth of plaque and bacteria from hard-to-reach areas that are easily missed with regular brushing and flossing.

Preventative treatment

When it comes to supporting your oral health, taking preventative measures against decay, tooth wear or gum disease can make all the difference. Early intervention using fissure seals often strengthen and protect against future decay. Our hygienists will work closely with your dentist to design a personalised preventative care program to suit your needs.

As the path to good oral health begins from a young age, our hygienists are also qualified to treat children from 0 18 Years old to help build the foundations for excellent standards of oral hygiene.

To make an appointment, you can either schedule your appointment online or give us a call.

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