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Intraoral Cameras

To enable your dentist to see minute details in your teeth and the surrounding tissues of your mouth, the dental mirror is no longer the only tool. Intraoral cameras are designed to feed high quality images to a monitor, meaning that both you and your dentist can see exactly what is going on in the harder-to-reach areas of your mouth. The high level of detail means that anomalies such as cracks and caries can be identified, even at the earliest stages, giving your dentist a better chance to treat the issues before they worsen.

Digital imaging

Digital imaging is the revolutionary technique which brings x-rays into the modern world. Digital radiography allows dentists to gain an accurate understanding of the state of your teeth and mouth, without the hassle of traditional film technology. It is also useful in helping dentists to track the progress of oral health concerns such as gingivitis and decay, as well as cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening.

CADCAM same day crowns

If your tooth has become damaged due to trauma or other oral health issues, a crown can help to restore it and prevent further complications. Unlike traditional crowns, CADAM crowns are made in the dental clinic and fitted in the same day, thanks to computer-aided technology. A great option for time-poor patients, same day crowns offer a natural-looking solution, without the wait.

ZOOM Whitening

Tooth whitening can help to restore your teeth to their sparkling, brightest best, thanks to the use of innovative technology such as ZOOM Whitening. ZOOM can help to remedy the effects of stains and discolouration using a combination of a specially formulated whitening gel and a high-intensity lamp. The entire procedure takes about an hour.

3D Conebeam imaging

3D ConeBeam Imaging is a quick and painless process which allows a dentist to generate a detailed, 3D computer-generated scan of your face. The image provides an incredible insight into your teeth and jaw, as well as tissues and nerves, enabling your dentist to observe any anomalies and guide the direction of future treatments with greater accuracy.

No Impression Scanner

A number of dental treatments require impressions to be taken of patients' teeth using a putty-like substance, which can lead to distress for some. A no impression scanner offers a digital alternative ideal for anxious patients. Rather than impression trays, a camera is used to scan a patient's mouth, giving your dentist the information needed to proceed with your treatment. 

Laser Dentistry

Lasers can be used in a wide array of dental treatments to great effect. They can help to remove decay from teeth and bacteria from gums, as well as playing an important role in prepping an area for a filling or root canal. Lasers can also be used cosmetically, as in laser tooth whitening.


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