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Facial Injectables

Cosmetic surgery routinely involves the use of facial injectables to help deliver a more satisfactory end product, but this procedure doesn't just have to be for aesthetic purposes.
Around the world, dentists are steadily increasing their use of facial injectables to help treat a range of oral conditions. Most commonly, they are used to remedy disorders of the temporomandibular joint, which links the base of the skull and the lower jaw.

How do facial injectables help Jaw Pain?

Additionally, there are certain injectables used to keep severe pain from a range of oral conditions at bay, so it's easy to see why these methods are growing in popularity. Such injectable muscle relaxants can by utilised to treat clenching and grinding oral disorders, by blocking the nerve endings connected to muscle fibres. This slows the muscles' activity down, often for several months. When the nerve endings regenerate, they're more relaxed, and thus reduce any clenching and grinding that may have occurred previously.

Can facial injectables be used by dentists?

A steadily-increasing number of dentists are now using cosmetic injectables, such as dermal fillers, as part of their service. Such injections are used to help eliminate creases and wrinkles in the skin, or give the lips a fuller appearance. Though more widespread in the United States and Europe, the use of facial injectables in dentistry is gathering pace here in Australia. Dr Stewart has extensive training in the use of cosmetic injectables and are happy to discuss your suitability during a complimentary assessment.

Facial injectables at Brisbane Dental Studio

At Brisbane Dental Studio, we know that your smile does not begin and end with beautiful teeth. Rather, if you think about the smile as a portrait, the lips and the face form the frame - which should ideally look equally as nice as the picture. Lips can define a smile, and plump, full ones can enhance it immeasurably. Additionally, facial injectables can also treat what's known as a 'gummy smile', as well as smoothing out any lines and wrinkles that may exist around the lips.

If you'd like to learn a little more about facial injections and whether or not you think that they would be a suitable fit for you, get in touch with Brisbane Dental Studio, or schedule an appointment with us today.

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