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At Brisbane Dental Studio, we know that the finest cure for poor oral health is prevention. High quality oral hygiene begins and ends with maintaining a good quality regime, and when you are a patient of Brisbane Dental Studio, we'll help you and your family along every step of the way towards healthier teeth and gums.

How can Brisbane Dental Studio help with your overall oral health?

By attending regular check-ups at Brisbane Dental Studio, we'll make sure that any potential oral health problems will be quickly identified and treated, rather than allowing any lingering issues to become more serious and thus difficult to treat.

This could mean anything from a simple clean to rid your teeth of any plaque, or the insertion of a restoration to fill a cavity. Additionally, any bacteria that has been collecting on your teeth may harden if left unattended, which makes it far more stubborn to remove and can lead to tooth decay. We recommended visiting Brisbane Dental Studio at least once every six months, which will allow us to keep an eye on any new occurrences in your mouth.

What is general dentistry?

Because there are so many separate types of dentistry practised at Brisbane Dental Studio, you may find it a little confusing as to what you should be looking for. General dentistry forms the core of an excellent oral health routine, helping to keep the general condition of your teeth and gums in a good way. These routine appointments include checking the teeth for cavities, infections, the beginnings of tooth decay and anything else that may be of concern.

Our general dentists do so much more than oral health check-ups, however. They'll perform teeth cleanings, insert implants and remove troublesome teeth if need be. Additionally, general dentists will also diagnose and treat a broad range of oral health conditions, such as xerostomia (dry mouth), sleep apnoea and gum disease.

How Brisbane Dental Studio can help your family's oral health

By regularly visiting us at Brisbane Dental Studio, you and your family will be educated in good oral hygiene habits. As an adult, you may already be aware of the most basic of them, but you never know what new tricks you may learn. Additionally, a good oral health routine will be instilled into children from a young age, which is something that they will carry with them for life. You and your family will learn how to correctly use a toothbrush, the optimum brushing technique and how to use other dental care products such as floss and mouthwash.

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