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Dr Glenn Croft B.D.SC

Dr Croft been involved with private practice general dentistry for more than a few years now. Over that time, he has developed many great technical skills in different areas to manage complex dental situations which are presented to us during the day to day functioning of the clinic. By far the best skill he has developed is the ability to listen to his patients and achieve a result which is acceptable to both patient and dentist. Dr. Croft has no magical claims that we can change your lives if you come to our practice, however, he feels that all our patients should receive good honest advice and the tools to make an informed dental decision which works best for all involved. A simple and easy philosophy!

When he's not in the surgery, Dr Croft enjoys life with wife Cathy, their three adult children & their partners and two grandchildren ( the moment?), not forgetting their ever faithful dog companions.

Dr Croft's passion is motorcycle riding and always enjoy a twisty run through the hinterland on a weekend or the occasional longer trip down to Tasmania for a real run. He has an OK golf handicap which is rarely used but always enjoys the challenge of trying to get that white ball in that tiny hole. Overseas travel is always high on his and his wife's agenda, with different cultures and destinations in mind every year or two. They have a regular dinner group every two weeks which means having to tell tall tales and taste nice wines over some good food. Life is truly good.....


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