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Nervous Patients and Involuntary Retching

At Brisbane Dental Studio, we understand that going to visit the dentist can sometimes be an intimidating experience. Studies estimate that almost a third of Australians suffer from at least some level of dental fear, so if you are feeling anxious about your next dental visit, you're not the only one. Here's what we can do to help make your upcoming dental appointment a more pleasant and relaxed experience.

Nervous patients

Dental phobia can manifest itself in many ways, not least in the strong reluctance to make regular visits. Of course, missing dental appointments can mean serious consequences for your oral health, so it's important that nervous patients receive all the help that they can to both overcome their fear and ease their anxieties about visiting the dentist.

At Brisbane Dental Studio, our experienced dentists and oral hygienists are highly sympathetic to the needs of nervous patients. Not only will they do their very best to put uneasy minds at rest, our dentists can also provide nitrous oxide, popularly known as 'laughing gas' for those with a particularly nervous disposition.

Nitrous oxide lends a euphoric feeling when inhaled, reduces pain, and calms nerves, all administered under the supervision of our qualified team. This is available upon request, so please let us know if you think that it will be beneficial during your visit.

Involuntary gag reflex

Every dentist working with us will have had to deal with an involuntary gag reflex in some form or another. Though it may be embarrassing for the patient, try to understand that it's nothing new to the dentist, and that we at Brisbane Dental Studio have several techniques for making things more comfortable for you.

If it's the physical contact that causes an involuntary Gag Reflex, why not ask us about our digital impression scanner? It allows the dentist to avoid using physical impression materials in the majority of cases for the most part, helping your visit to Brisbane Dental Studio be as stress-free as possible.

Call or contact Brisbane Dental Studio today to see how we can put you at ease for your next treatment.

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